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Labor Only Moving Assistance


Our expert labor only movers assist to load and unload boxes, furniture, and other items to/from the truck, as well as to assemble and disassemble furniture and other large items. Moving laborers are an important part of the moving process, as they provide the physical labor needed to ensure that a move is completed efficiently and safely. They work under the direction of a supervisor or foreman, and may be responsible for loading and unloading items, carrying boxes and furniture, and wrapping delicate items to prevent damage during transport.

We specialize in packing trucks, storages, etc to ensure the maximum  space is used! We have saved our customers thousands of dollars as a result of our tetris skills and we take on any challenge you can be presented with.

Last minute situation? We are minutes away! Utilize our same day services when in a jam and we will be there to save the day!

If you already have your truck and process figured out and just need the extra muscle, give us a call! We know how to follow directions and give expert opinions when necessary.

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