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Getting Ready For Your Move!

Here are some tips for preparing for a successful move:

  1. Start planning early: Give yourself enough time to research, compare prices and make arrangements for your move.

  2. Create a checklist: Write down everything you need to do, including tasks like packing, cleaning, and notifying relevant parties of your change of address.

  3. Declutter: Donate or dispose of items you no longer need or use. This will make packing and moving easier, and save you money on moving costs.

  4. Choose a reliable moving company: Compare quotes from several moving companies, read reviews, and make sure the company is licensed and insured.

  5. Pack smart: Label boxes clearly, pack heavy items in small boxes and light items in larger ones. Use packing material like bubble wrap to protect fragile items.

  6. Update your address: Notify utility companies, the post office, your bank, the DMV and other important organizations of your change of address.

  7. Make arrangements for pets and plants: Consider pet-friendly hotels or boarding facilities, or find someone to take care of your plants while you move.

  8. Take inventory: Keep a list of all items you're moving and take photos or videos to document their condition.

  9. Double-check everything: Before you move, make sure you've packed everything you need and that all appliances are disconnected and properly packed.

By following these tips, you'll be well-prepared for your move and minimize the stress and potential for problems during the process.

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