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Moving Tips For Protecting Your Home!

Moving to a new home can be a stressful and chaotic time, but with a few simple hacks, you can help protect your items and your walls during the move. Here are some tips to make your move smoother and protect your belongings.

  1. Use Protective Covers for Your Furniture

To protect your furniture during the move, consider using furniture covers. These can be purchased from your local home improvement store or online. Furniture covers will keep your items clean and protected during the move. They're especially important for large items like couches, chairs, and mattresses.

  1. Disassemble Your Furniture

Disassembling your furniture before the move can make it easier to transport and will help protect it during the move. Take apart items like bed frames, tables, and bookshelves, and wrap the individual pieces in protective covers. Keep all the screws and bolts in a plastic bag and label it to avoid losing them.

  1. Use Bubble Wrap for Fragile Items

To protect your fragile items, like dishes and glassware, use bubble wrap. This can help keep your items safe during the move. Wrap each item individually in bubble wrap and then put them in boxes. Make sure to label the boxes as "fragile" so that movers know to handle them with care.

  1. Protect Your Walls

To avoid scuffs and marks on your walls, use cardboard or foam pads to protect them while you move furniture. Cut pieces of cardboard or foam to the size of the item, and then tape them onto the corners and edges of the item. This will help protect your walls from scratches and dents.

  1. Use Mattress Covers

If you're moving your mattress, be sure to use a mattress cover. This will protect it from getting dirty or damaged during the move. Mattress covers can be purchased at your local home improvement store or online.

  1. Label Boxes Clearly

Label your boxes clearly with the contents and which room they belong in. This will make it easier for you to unpack when you get to your new home. It will also make it easier for movers to know where to place the boxes.

Final Thoughts

Moving can be stressful, but with these simple hacks, you can help protect your belongings and your walls. Remember to take your time and be patient. It's important to plan ahead and make sure you have all the supplies you need to protect your items during the move. By taking the time to protect your items, you can avoid damage and ensure that your move goes smoothly.

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