Our passion makes us the greatest moving solutions provider

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

My name is LaShon Reaves founder of Moving Assassins and I truly believe our moving company is the greatest in the world! I feel like it’s our destiny and calling to change the moving game and provide affordable moving solutions with superb quality. We started off working as a different company and eventually found my own calling and rebranded to fit how quickly we knockout the task at hand when we are summoned. We started off with doing labor only moves but discovered we had to have the ability to not just move peoples items but provide a solutions to every moving situation (99.9%). Our expertise and experience grew into a master level from the geometry of every piece of furniture and item involved in a move to perfect the customer experience and leave with big smiles. We have moved over 5000 customers and the number is going up everyday. We are the people’s movers! our work ethic and attention to detail mentality has created a perfect system for an efficient, safe, and quality moving experience. We will match or beat out out any other established moving companies rates and surely will bring more passion!

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