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Our Mission!

Our mission is to provide premium moving services to the world!!!! 

According to studies, moving is the 2nd top rated stress in the world after divorce! We intend to innovate the moving industry as a whole and turn it into a pleasant experience to match the amazing feeling of moving into a new home!

Why Choose Moving Assassins?

We have over 12 years experience in the industry and have moved over 8000 happy customers. We know exactly what to do to ease the burden and highly dedicated to just that. Each and every move is different and we understand that so we have tailored our process to fit each and every customer's needs! ALL PRICES UPFRONT WITH NO HIDDEN FEES! ALL MOVERS ARE TRUSTWORTHY, PROFESSIONAL, AND COME WITH A FRIENDLY SMILE! 



 Let us do all the hard work!

We have a wide variety of a packages you can easily book online with our streamline booking process at the touch of a few buttons. You have the availability to book your own date and time. If you like things a little more original style give us a call for an over the phone quick quote. Our world class moving concierge service look forward to taking care of all of your needs!

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