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Moving Assassins
People Carrying Boxes


Our Brand History

From Ezmovers, to king movers, to royal moving and cleaning. We finally settled with the perfect brand name. Moving Assassins.


With over 8 years in the moving industry we knew the brand was very crucial and had to match with exceptional service. EZ movers was too simple. King movers was too broad and used up, royal moving and cleaning was too long and complicated. We landed on Moving Assassins because the same process an assassins might use is the same way we go about targeting your move and completing the assignment swiftly. Moving Assassins will be a household name all over the world when it comes down to moving. We have completed almost 8000 jobs with a 85% 5 star rating and we are aiming to get that to 100%! We truly specialize in this moving process and will make your move stress free and hands free!

People Carrying Boxes


Company History

It all started with a back against the wall, the odds stack against him, but pure will and extreme work ethic that propelled the growth of a moving empire!


Entering the moving field with close friend and still mentor Tino Brockington at 21 years old, Lashon Reaves quickly excelled to becoming a trusted and reliable asset to his boss for almost two years until Tino moved to another state.


With his back being against the wall and a daughter to raise he decided to start his own labor only moving company(EZ MOVERS). Shon quickly grew as a better option in moving in the area due to his work ethic and his experience with Tino who always demanded a high quality, efficient, and error free move. He applied the same tactics and a few systems and quickly excelled in the market averaging 1000 moves a year at a 5 star rate. Customers were thrilled and shocked that moving could be such a pleasant affordable experience! 


Being a perfectionist at things he's passionate about, Shon used losses and hardships in his journey to perfect his craft! He learned all the disconnections between moving companies and customers that lead to bad experiences and he constantly works in the field learning everything possible to grow an empire that can eliminate moving stress as a whole! Shon is setting the standard for exceptional moving services and not just for Moving Assassins but the entire industry! He's striving to build the greatest moving company on earth and with his passion and dedication.....We will be serving the entire planet with friendly, quality, and affordable moving! WE WILL ALWAYS STIVE FOR GREATNESS AND SATISFACTION ON EVERY MOVE BIG OR SMALL!!!

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