Royal Moving & Cleaning LLC was founded in 2016 in Norfolk, Virginia. We were created with the mission to always work hard and go above and beyond to provide moving solutions once we noticed how stressed moving times were. Started off doing small labor only moves we grew our name and recognition for providing extremely low rates but the services was amazing so we created an unbeatable motto that won every customer over and left them with a big smile. We grew to one of the countries top moving helpers on U-haul moving over 4500 customers with our motto. RMC is owned by Lashon Reaves, who proclaims hisself as the GMOAT (Greatest Mover Of All Time). The attention to detail, work ethic, problem solving skills, great packing skills, excellent leadership skills, and extensive knowledge of moving he has satisfaction rates out this world with over 2000 reviews. Its his life long destiny to own the biggest/best moving company in the world while upgrading the industry as we know with better quality movers and lower rates.